Yes! Food Can Be Healthy & Delicious.

Lionel & Michaela met while teaching classes together at a local cooking school on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula.

Their mutual love for entertaining, food, and teaching sparked a friendship where they spent lots of time talking about their future goals, while cleaning kitchens into the late hours of the night. The duo together for almost a year before Michaela left the cooking school to start her own business and Lionel went off to compete on Beat Bobby Flay and subsequently film several episodes of his own cooking show.

Months later, Lionel and Michaela reunited to pursue their dream that was hatched
while cleaning kitchens at the school – their own cooking show. And so… Healthy & Delicious was born.

Teachers at heart and foodies to their core, Michaela and Lionel bring a playful approach to what can be a daunting task – pairing delicious cooking with healthy nutrition. Together, they demonstrate how healthy CAN be delicious, how to bring balance to our meals, and how to enjoy all of life’s delicious pleasures.

Join them for Season 1 of Healthy & Delicious to explore healthy and delicious foods from around the world and back to our own home town, here in the San Francisco Bay Area!

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