Explore Venice – Touching the romantic water from heaven

Venice, often praised as the tears from the god by many poets, is probably the most romantic and beautiful city in this world. As a French with born romantic gene, I certainly felt the inner connection with this elegant and mystery city, the water, the Gondola, the Byzantine-style architecture… Not to mention the venetian style food with incredible variety of seafood has been one of my favorite food ever since childhood. Thus, it is not surprising we decided Venice to be our honeymoon destination.

Take the Gondola

Since Venice is the only city in this world without bus, it is no doubt that your travel experience in Venice would not be completed without taking a Gondola tour. Gondola, the special Venetian style boat, with two extruded tips on both ends, has been the primary transport tool for local Venetian people for hundreds of years. Sitting in the Gondola, listening to the Gondolier explaining the history and stories behind every colorful house or bridges, We could feel the time has paused at that moment.

Enjoy an afternoon tea at Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco, just like the amazing Byzantine style architecture Saint Mark’s Basilica, is full of vibrant colors. Outdoor classic music mixed with tourists’ exciting laughing and screaming, we know this is the place we can spend a whole afternoon to enjoy. So having a cup of tea or Italian coffee, enjoying a bite of fresh-made Tiramisu, and watching the pianist and violinist putting their full heart in the classic music while playing, you will have the feeling to become a venetian and never want to leave this place.

Explore the city by feet

If you want to discover the real spirit of this city, you have to walk through every corner by feet and touch the history. During our three-hours walking journey, we spotted a real venetian mask shop, where the owner/artist is insisting using the very traditional way to hand-paint those incredible gorgeous face masks, he said: “I don’t care how much less money I would make in this way, but this is the way that passed along from my grandfather”.  We also accidentally entered a church and found a breath-taking ceiling painting inside by Gian Anotnio Fumiani. Of course, you know what I am talking about , that is the San Pantalon church.

This is Venice, not only a city with beautiful waterway, but also a land full of unconventional and creative spirit for centuries.

Having a Venetian Dinner

Sitting in a restaurant along the canal, drinking a glass of refreshing and bubbly Italian Prosecco and watching the fuschia-pink sunset, this is the best way to finish your Venice day. Italian food is famous for being seasonal and regional, of course the symbol of Venetian food contains large amount of local specialty produce and seafood. Simple dish such as seafood linguini, is still tasty enough to give your tongue a burst – that’s the magic of local fresh lagoon seafood.

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