Exploring Vietnam – Danang

Vietnam to me, it is a land far far away, yet felt so close in the same time. Being brought by a Vietnamese nanny, I am intrinsically connected to this mysterious place even though I have never step a foot in the land before this trip. The images about Vietnam in my mind, is full of fresh-smelled herbs, shrimp chips, fish sauce, crispy egg rolls … – every fun memory I gained as a child from my Vietnamese nanny! So here I am, finally I landed in Danang after a long 14-hours flight from San Francisco. The moment when I step out of the airplane, breathing the fresh air with the ocean smell, I already fell in love with this city.

Danang is more than a coast city, it has so many things to offer: the complex history, the unique culture that combined with western influence and eastern heritage, the amazing central Vietnam cuisine and the beautiful beaches and natural scenes. Everything here –  the long curvy My Khe sand beaches, the vibrant bridges, the blue sky with decoration of slender coconut trees, and the smiles from people passing from you every day – has the magic power of soothing and softening.  I just want to lay down on the beach and breath the fresh air from the ocean all day long.

Danang is also associated with the iconic dragon bridge, which was the local residents and foreign travelers’ popular spot. Every Sunday night, the Dragon head spits splendid fire, bringing vibrant energy and prosperous future to this peaceful city. At one side of the dragon bridge, it’s young people’s favorite – the lovers’ point. The road lamps here are all made of small red heart-shaped lights, creating a romantic and velvet atmosphere. Sweet couples are everywhere – appreciating the night scene, laughing, kissing, or just simply sitting and enjoying the beautiful moment.

Danang food is rooted in Central Vietnam cuisine and most famous for its seasonal seafood. When I step into a local seafood restaurant, I thought I am in an Asian aquarium – all kinds of fish, crabs and shell fish are swimming in hundreds of water tanks. Amazing, isn’t it? After a full day’s walking in the old town, sitting in a seafood restaurant, letting the warm breeze brushing my face, drinking some local beers, and enjoying grilled scallop and seafood hotpot, I wish my life can pause at this moment.

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