Who is Lionel Haeberle?

Executive Chef

Lionel Haeberle is a French Chef originally from Alsace, France. After moving to the Bay Area he has worked as an Executive Chef and Culinary Arts Instructor since moving to the Bay Area.
A skilled culinary professional with extensive work experience with some of the world’s leading restaurateurs and top chefs, Lionel is recognized for his comprehensive knowledge of international cuisine and an innovative approach to setting the stage for a customized dining experience. He's had over 17 years of progressive experience managing the provision of fine dining for resorts, restaurants, country clubs and clubhouses. Refining the art of cooking, he has developed impressive menus, and prepared culinary dishes influenced by culturally diverse regions around the world.
Particularly adept in the ability to cultivate partnerships with service providers in obtaining the freshest and highest quality ingredients, Lionel is committed to leaving patrons with an especially memorable dining experience.
TV foodies may know Lionel from his Food Network TV show appearances on Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay, where he actually did “beat Bobby Flay” in Season 14 Episode 1 (2017)!

Lionel loves to travel the world and explore the cuisines each country has to offer. He has a deep respect for cultural traditions and how they shape the native cuisines. The variety of culinary cuisines along with opportunities in the USA motivated Lionel to move to Northern California where he lives today with his wife and brand new baby boy.

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Taste & Travel with Lionel

Monterey – The land Where Dreams Start…

Monterey, the beautiful harbor in Northern California, probably also has the most gorgeous beaches in the bay area. But Monterey to me, it’s more than a beautiful harbor city with breathtaking scenes, this is the land where I first landed in USA and where my American dreams started. I remembered the first morning when I wake up in Monterey, I can breath the ocean! I took a short walk to the beach where it was very close to the hotel; I saw the sun rise and I can see the ocean was smiling. That was the moment that I knew I want to set my career in American to pursue an French man’s American dream.


Explore Venice – Touching the romantic water from heaven

Venice, often praised as the tears from the god by many poets, is probably the most romantic and beautiful city in this world. As a French with born romantic gene, I certainly felt the inner connection with this elegant and mystery city, the water, the Gondola, the Byzantine-style architecture… Not to mention the venetian style food with incredible variety of seafood has been one of my favorite food ever since childhood. Thus, it is not surprising we decided Venice to be our honeymoon destination.


Exploring Vietnam – Hoi An

Hoi An, the most charming ancient town in Vietnam, strikes everybody with its elegant architecture, fascinating culture reserves and stunning scenic views; words cannot do justice here. Every corner in Hoi An is a book about history and culture...


Exploring Vietnam – Danang

Vietnam to me, it is a land far far away, yet felt so close in the same time. Being brought by a Vietnamese nanny, I am intrinsically connected to this mysterious place even though I have never step a foot in the land before this trip. The images about Vietnam in my mind, is full of fresh-smelled herbs, shrimp chips, fish sauce, crispy egg rolls …


A Taste of Hunan

Most people have the impression that Hunan food equals to sweet spicy Chinese food with orange or brownish sauce around (such as General Tsao’s Chicken… ); the real Hunan people ( such as my wife) often feel insulted and have to complain that American-Chinese food has ruined the reputation of Hunan food. Then, show me what is real Hunan food…


It’s not about Beating Bobby Flay, it’s about Winning Over Myself!

Most of the culinary professionals have probably dreamed about either becoming an iron chef or beating an iron chef, of course, I am one of them. When you talk about Iron Chefs in America, one name stands up – that is Bobby Flay! Bobby is such a legendary food network star and versatile chef that it has already been a great honor for chefs to have the chance of competing against him.


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