Lose Weight WITHOUT Working Out

Breakfast at Noon? This probably sounds like a weekend, but what if it could help you lose weight? For me it has!!

The name for the act of breakfast at noon is intermittent fasting. You simply leave a break between dinner and breakfast of 12-16hrs where you aren’t eating anything so your body can focus on clean up and repair. I’ve lost more weight in the past few months trying this than I did when I worked out 5 days a week for months straight, and it was easy! I’m still playing around with intermittent fasting, but so far I’m convinced !

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a fantastic tool to help with weight loss/maintenance and to allow the body to shift out of the digestion state and into its clean up phase and ALSO burn through your bodies carbohydrate stores so it can then start burning fat. Sounds pretty wonderful right?? And the best part is it isn’t challenging or require of you to not eat for days on end, just a few hours!

Intermittent fasting is an overnight fast, so you are allowing a 12-16 hour gap between when you finish dinner and when you eat your next meal the next day. This might look like finishing dinner by 8 pm and then eating you “breakfast” or first meal of the day the next day at 12pm (16 hours). To start off I would highly recommend starting with 12 hours and then each week add on one hour to work your way up to 16 hours.

It is also important to do this intermittently, so not every day, so to throw your body out of its “normal”. I recommend IF 3 days per week, not back to back (ex. Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Once you work your way up to 16 hours I would recommend the other four days you shoot to leave 12 hours between your meals, this will become your normal and the 16 hour days will be your IF days.
Think of this process like cleaning your kitchen. On the 12 hours days you clean up the dishes and wipe the counters, but on the 16 hour days you do that, plus also take the trash out and wipe down the stove. If you think about it in these terms, if you never IF it’s like your NEVER leaving time to clean your kitchen so the dishes, trash, and mess pile up (aka fat, toxins, and waste), with no time left to clear them out because we are always cooking and eating (digesting!).

Ready to get started? Here’s a recap:
• 3 days per week leave a 12-16 hour gap between when you finish dinner and have your first meal the next day.
• The other 4 days maintain your regular schedule but work towards the 12 hour fast daily with 16 hours as your IF.
• Once you start your fast no snacking, alcohol, food, or drinks besides water, tea, and black coffee or bulletproof coffee with no collagen or protein.
• If you can plan IF on days where you aren’t working out super early in the morning this is ideal, since the workout will fire up your metabolism and make you hungry (and you should eat to replenish your muscles.)
• Do the best you can, if you find one day you are super hungry at hour 14.5, don’t be miserable to just make it to hour 16, your body is asking for food, nourish it and keep working your way up the next time.

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